Invisible Llama Music presents:

Loam Junction

Exchange, Bristol, GB

£5 Adv
Entry Requirements: 14+ (Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)

Loam Junction

Loam Junction: A Musical is the latest musical project from Roo Pescod (Bangers, Hit The Beach, The Hippaes). The musical tells the story of Daniel Pearce and his mother Annalee as they run a safe house for a shady, loose-knit community of outlaws, magicians and misfits-from-society called AMO. It’s a sweet, twisted story about growing up with loss and learning about the world.

The two halves of Loam Junction total 80-odd minutes and involve a lot of shouting and hand waving, as well as a bit of singing and sort-of acting. Roo confidently squirms his way from rock opera to spoken word country, to rhythmic chanting over unsettling noise. Advance previews have been described as ‘surprising’, ‘mesmerising’ and 'wonderfully weird' and have shocked pub audiences into slack-jawed silence and worked like a pied piper for dragging old drunk people in off the street.

Roo has a really loud voice and very little embarrassment (Hit The Beach, 2006) and is touring Loam Junction at the end of August/early September:

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Loam Junction
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